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What these checkups consist of

Oftálicas´ Eye Check-Up Unit is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in the health of our eyes.

With the help of the most advanced technology and diagnostic tests, they perform ophthalmological tests in Alicante and a complete study of your visual health.

  • Preferential and exclusive treatment
  • No waiting time
  • Advice from a professional medical team

Patients will improve their day-to-day eye health care and prevent diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc.


  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetics
  • Childhood vision and strabismus
  • Refractive surgery

Indicated treatment

Depending on the patient’s pathology, ophthalmologists will perform:

  • Visual acuity test and graduation
  • Ocular tension
  • Intraocular pressure
  • Biometrics
  • OCT
  • Medical report
  • Interferometry
  • Corneal topography
  • Endothelial count
  • Pediatric Optometry
  • Fundus examination (Optomap)
  • Pachymetry


An eye examination encompasses a range of tests to evaluate vision and monitor eye disease. Thus, professionals will be in charge of diagnosing the pathology to be faced, as well as the most appropriate treatment.

Thanks to constant research and the most advanced technology, the results will be optimal, painless and fast.


Dr. Albino Rial Cortizo

Dra. Lucía Rial Álvarez

Dra. Gala León

Dr. Fco Javier Blanes Mompó

Dra. Pamy Stolik

Dr. Javier Placeres

Dr. Konrad Schargel

Dr. José I. Belda

Dr. Enrique Chipont

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