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We continue to take care of you

Oftálica ensures access to all our specialties and our medical team through the main national and international insurance companies.

International Insurers

At Oftálica we collaborate with the main international insurance companies, with whom we have a close relationship thanks to years of working together with patients from all over the world. In addition, we have an agreement with all travel insurances.

International Admission

The ophthalmology clinic in Alicante, Oftálica stands out for its orientation towards international patients, due to the demographic characteristics of our area. The ophthalmology center has an international patient care department, with people focused on markets such as the British, Norwegian, Russian or Arabic, among others.

The department of International Admission of Oftálica offers a service that adapts to the international patient and the clinic staff takes care of all the procedures and needs of the patient and his family such as hotel accommodations, visas and all the necessary procedures and information for their clinical treatment in our ophthalmology center. In addition, Oftálica has specific services for groups of patients of different nationalities, such as a team of translators, relations with international insurance companies and complementary services for patients.

Clínica Oftálica has almost 30 years of experience with its medical director, Dr. Enrique Chipont, being a national and international reference center in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases, especially Strabismus, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma and Retina located in Alicante.

Oftálica is characterized by excellent assistance and a personal, differentiated treatment with no waiting time.

We guarantee the most advanced technology as a high resolution center with painless, safe and personalized surgical procedures.

Once the procedure has been completed, the patient must always spend a short period of rest in the clinic before being able to return to his or her home or accommodation.

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Alicante as a health destination

The city of Alicante has become an ideal destination for health tourism, as its traditional attractions are complemented by a first-class hospital variety focused on international patients. Health tourism becomes one more element to deseasonalize the tourist variety of the area, taking advantage of the climatic conditions of the Costa Blanca.

Alicante, the capital of the Costa Blanca, is located in the center of a bay facing the Mediterranean Sea, under the shadow of the Castle of Santa Barbara. The people of Alicante are a welcoming people in an eminently coastal city. Its 15 kilometers of coastline open to the Mediterranean Sea make the city the owner of an enviable climate with about 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 18ºC.

Our city has a microclimate in which autumns are very mild, with temperatures ranging between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Ideal for early recovery after medical treatment.

The coastal area of Alicante has the international airport of El Altet and a high-speed railway line to Madrid (AVE). Alicante has more than 120 different nationalities. This makes it a multicultural city.

Faithful to our philosophy of comprehensive care, Oftálica offers patients who come to visit us from outside Alicante special rates at two excellent hotels near our facilities.

What our patients say

Un service de qualité
Nesrine Khelfaoui
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Je suis passée avec ma mère hier pour un contrôle et le médecin nous a proposé une assistante qui parle notre langue, et on est tombé sur SARAH très très serviable, elle était au petits soins avec ma mère elle a pris tout son temps à tout nous expliquer. Franchement un grand merci à Sarah et au Docteur Pamy stlik, vous êtes très aimable. Ps: l’idée d’avoir des assistants qui parlent plusieurs langues différentes est génial, ça facilite vraiment le passage chez le Docteur.
Siempre acudimos a ellos
Jose Rus
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Llevamos unos años acudiendo a revisión con ellos para mi mujer y mis dos hijas menores. Debo decir que tanto el Dr. Chipont como todo el personal que compone el equipo son un 10, la organización que tienen y ver como funciona todo, desde la entrada a la recepción pasando por el proceso de las pruebas realizadas y posterior consulta con el doctor, funciona todo como un reloj suizo. Es una maravilla, lo recomiendo sin duda y esperemos poder seguir yendo muchos años!
Recomendable 100%
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En general muy buena clínica. Mi experiencia fue por una operación de estrabismo que realizó el doctor Chipont, ha salido todo genial y ha mejorado muchísimo, el trato en la operación y en las demás visitas a la Clínica ha sido muy bueno, lo recomiendo al 100%

Where we are

Why choose Oftálica

Oftálica is a center of the highest quality care in ophthalmology, with excellent and experienced professionals of national and international prestige and an exceptional technological level. The pursuit of excellence in each and every one of our competencies has allowed us to achieve the great objective that drives us, which is none other than improving the visual quality of each patient we treat. Therefore, the satisfaction of the thousands of people who have visited our facilities is our best guarantee.

From the beginning, it has been clear to us at Oftálica that the best care can only be provided by the most outstanding professionals in each specialty. As a result, our medical project has been joined by specialists of the highest national and international level, until today we are a true dream team in the field of ophthalmology. A team that is also considered by the medical community as one of the most influential, thanks to its continuous research work and constant recycling of knowledge. While other clinics use the name of a “star” doctor or lavish facilities as a lure, at Oftálica we prefer to go for simplicity, professional rigor and humane treatment. These are our values. Because for us ophthalmology, before being a business, is a vocation.

At Oftálica we believe that the practice of medicine has nothing to do with an assembly line. We are a medium-sized clinic, not a large corporation or a franchise. This allows us, among other things, to refer to most of our patients by their first name, not by a file number. Most importantly, it gives us the possibility to give each person the time and attention they need, so that we can truly understand their problem and adapt to their real needs, not only medically, but also personally, and even financially, through our personalized financing channels. This is the only way we have been able to offer comprehensive and individualized care, based on active listening and the utmost respect for human values and patients’ rights. And since we like everyone who visits us to feel at home, we offer a children’s area, a large waiting room with audiovisuals and a wi-fi zone. And, of course, the best of our smiles.

At Oftálica, we believe that the variety is the business of supermarkets and department stores, not of clinics. That is why all our efforts are focused on improving the medical and healthcare services we provide every day, not on trying to cut costs by cutting services here and there. Thanks to this philosophy we can say that our prices exactly match the quality of what we offer, no more and no less. Because sometimes cheap can be very expensive, and health does not always give second chances.

How many times have we heard “everything is going so fast now”? At Oftálica we are aware that these times require a permanent adaptation effort, not only in terms of continuous training of our staff, but also in terms of constant renewal of the medical equipment we work with. Consistently, we are making an effort to invest in state-of-the-art technology that very few clinics in Spain can boast of. Proof of this is that we offer our patients, among many others, Topography, Endothelial, GDX, Biometry, unique in the province of Alicante. This has been our philosophy to date and will continue to be so in the future. Because at Oftálica we believe that only by being on the cutting edge can we be the first in caring for your eyes.

At this point, we believe we have answered some of the questions we all ask ourselves before choosing an ophthalmology clinic. And beyond the logical similarities, there are many ways of practicing medicine. As we have already said, our main objective is to offer each patient the maximum guarantees in the solution of his or her problem. And to achieve this we rely on three fundamental pillars: a team of professionals of the highest level, personalized attention to the maximum and a permanent commitment to state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to this, we can say that we are different from others. Because Ophthalmic really makes a difference.