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Pediatric ophthalmology

What is Pediatric Ophthalmology?

Pediatric ophthalmology  is the branch of ophthalmology specializing in children’s eye and vision problems.

The child’s eye is in continuous development until the age of nine. Therefore, an early diagnosis of any anomaly can offer a definitive solution, in addition to guaranteeing the visual health of children.

Most important revisions:

  • In the first 15 days  of life, if congenital pathology is suspected, it is advisable to check the fundus and the angle of the eye by RETCAM. This allows us to diagnose serious problems early and accurately.
  • During the first month  of life, serious diseases and malformations can be detected.
  • At 7 months. The diagnosis of strabismus can be made.
  • At 18 months. Visual acuity, refractive defects and amblyopia.
  • Every 2 years until the age of 12. Ocular revision. Detection and correction of family  myopia hyperopia and astigmatism.


The prevention of ocular and vision pathologies in childhood is very important. Therefore, an ophthalmologist should be consulted in the following cases:

  • When reading, the paper gets too close
  • Looks away from the paper too often
  • Repeated rubbing of the eyes
  • Red eyes
  • His eyes are watery
  • Frequent headaches

Indicated treatment

About 20% of school-age children usually have a visual problem in one or both eyes. For this reason, early prevention is essential.

For this reason, at Oftálica we have the best professionals to choose the most appropriate treatment and solve your vision problems.

We will perform periodic ophthalmological tests and check-ups to take care of the visual health of the little ones.


Oftálica is a center of the highest quality care in ophthalmology, with excellent and experienced professionals of national and international prestige and an exceptional technological level.

That’s why the little ones are in good hands when they trust us. Your eyesight is in the best care and we will look for the most appropriate treatment according to your needs and pathologies.


Dra. Pamy Stolik

Dr. Enrique Chipont

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