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Retinal and intravitreal injections in Alicante

Retinal and intravitreal injections

In the field of ophthalmology a treatment called intravitreal injections is applied. It is used to treat macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema.

What are we talking about?

Intravitreal injections are used to locally administer a drug. Intravitreal injection is an injection into the vitreous, which is the jelly-like substance inside the eye. It is performed to place medicines inside the eye, near the retina.

In which cases is it done?

These drugs are considered the first-line treatment for all stages of wet macular degeneration. The medicines may help stop growth of new blood vessels by blocking the effects of growth signals the body sends to generate new blood vessels.

Before the intervention

Antibiotic drops and disinfection wipes are necessary a few days before.

How long is the intervention?

The injection itself is a short procedure. It can be performed in the operating room. It is done with topical anesthesia (drops) and generally does not produce great discomfort, as it is done with a very fine needle.

The biggest risk is eye infection. However, if done correctly the risk is minimal.

A Treatment with guarantees

The effectiveness of these injections is very high. In 95% of the cases the disease is stopped, 40% of the treated patients improve their visual acuity. Generally, several injections are required to achieve the desired effect.

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