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Strabismus: types and treatments

What is it?

Strabismus involves the loss of parallelism of the eyes. One eye looks at one object, and the other one deflects in a different direction. Usually, the eyes move at the same time, which causes the brain to create a single image, but in the case of strabismus eyes, each eyeball has a different view, the images are not the same and the brain eventually eliminates one of them causing a lazy eye.

Strabismus types

There are many types of strabismus depending on its causes, age, deviation ... Every child or adult who has strabismus is a particular case. In each one it should be specially explored as well as choose the appropriate treatment. The specialist has to evaluate the diagnosis and the possible treatments.


There are diferents techniques that can correct this pathology: glasses, prisms, botulinum toxin, surgery ... although an early detection is essential to recover the parallelism of the eyes. Surgical treatment only applies when strabismus can not be corrected with other treatments. Surgery consists of strengthening or weakening certain muscles of the eyes to obtain a correct position.

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