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Pediatric ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmology is ophthalmology specialized in children's eye problems.

Prevention of ocular pathologies in childhood its very important. The eye of the child is in continuous development until the nine years. For this reason, an early diagnosis of any anomaly can offer a definitive solution, to guarantee the visual health of our children.

Revisions we must make since birth

  • In the first 15 days of life, if you suspect congenital pathology, it is convenient to see the fundus of the eye and the angle through the RETCAM. This allows us to diagnose serious problems early and accurately.
  • During the first month of life, serious diseases and malformations can be detected.
  • At 7 months. The diagnosis of strabismus can be made.
  • At 18 months. Visual acuity, refractive defects, and amblyopia.
  • Every 2 years until the age of 12. Eye examination. Detection and correction of family myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Specialists in pediatric ophthalmology in Alicante

In any of these cases it is important to visit the pediatric ophthalmologist for relevant vision tests to ensure the best visual quality of the child.
About 20% of children who are in school age usually have a visual problem in one eye or both. For this reason, timely prevention is essential.

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