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Why choose Oftálica?

Why choose Oftálica?

The view is, without doubt, the most important of the senses; not surprisingly, more than 80% of the information received by our brain comes from it.

Unfortunately, the organ that allows us to see, the eye, is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so sooner or later, ends up being a source of problems. The appearances of these problems are a sign to visit an ophthalmologist. However, once we made that decision, we all have doubts: Where am I going? Who can I trust? Are all the eye clinics the same?

In Oftálica we are convinced that, whatever the problem is, we are the choice for your needs. We have many reasons to think this way, but here, we have selected just six:

1. Because we are trustworthy

Oftálica is a center of high quality care in ophthalmology, which has excellent and experienced professionals of renowned national and international prestige and exceptional technological level. The pursuit of excellence in every one of our core competencies has enabled us to have created the great goal that moves us, that is none other than improving the visual quality of each patient we treat. Therefore, the satisfaction of the thousands of people who have gone through our facilities is our best guarantee.

2. Because our medical team is one of the best in Spain

From the beginning, we have in Oftálica the most outstanding professionals in each specialty. Our initial medical team has been joined by specialists of the highest national and international level, constituting, today, a real dream team in the field of ophthalmology. Our team that is also considered by the medical community as one of the most influential, thanks to its continuous research, work and the constant recycling of knowledge. While other medical clinics have a "star" doctor, in Oftálica we prefer to go for simplicity, professionalism and humane treatment. Those are our values. For us, ophthalmology, rather than a business, it is a vocation.

3. Because we treat people, not customers

Oftálica is a medium size clinic, not a large corporation or a franchise. This allows us, among other things; refer to the majority of our patients by their first name, not a file number. And what it is more important: it gives us the ability to spend on each person all the time and attention they need, so that we can truly understand their problem and adapt to their real needs, not only in medical terms but also personal form, and even financially, through our customized financing avenues. In this way we have managed to provide comprehensive and individualized care based on active listening and full respect for human values and rights of the patient. And as we like everyone who visits us feel at home, we offer a children's area, a large waiting room with TV and wi-fi zone. And the best of our smiles.

4. Because our prices are adjusted exactly to our services

In Oftálica we believe that the deals are a thing of supermarkets and stores department, not clinics. Therefore, all our efforts are focused on improving the health and welfare dispense care, not try to reduce costs by cutting services everywhere every day. Thanks to this philosophy we can say that our prices are adjusted exactly to the quality of what we offer, neither more nor less. Because sometimes cheap can be very expensive, and health does not always give second chance.

5. Because we have the latest technology

How many times have we heard that "now everything goes very fast"? In Oftálica we are aware that nowadays we require permanent adaptation effort, not only on continuing training of our team, but also in the constant renewal of instruments. Consistently, we conducted a technology investment research effort. Proof of this is that we provide to our patients, Topography, Endothelial, GDX, and Biometrics, unique tools in the province of Alicante. This has been our philosophy until today and will remain the same way in the future.

6. Because Oftálica makes the difference

At this point, we have answered some of the questions we all ask ourselves before choosing an eye clinic. There are many ways to practice medicine. Our –as we said- main objective issolving each patient problem with maximum guarantees. We rely on three pillars: a team of professionals of the highest level, maximum personal attention and a permanent commitment to offer the latest technology. As a result we can say that we are different from others, Oftálica really makes the difference.

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