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What makes us different?

What makes us different? Quality and personalized care of our patients and their relatives. We have a playground area, and a large waiting room with TV and free wifi.

Strabismus: Professionals with over 20 years of experience in the treatment and diagnosis of ocular pediatric diseases from birth. We can establish any diagnosis with Ultrasound diagnosis, electrophysiology, portable gadgetry, tonometer, microscopes, retinoscope, in children without collaboration on our own.

Retina: Retina section has the most sophisticated technology in the study of peripheral retinal diseases. “Optomap", technology unique in the province, allows the 360º study of the retina, avoiding pupil dilatation and eliminating the discomfort of the drops and subsequent visual difficulty, which can last several hours. Thanks to that holes and retinal tears, retinal precursors, can be diagnosed and treated immediately by laser.

For the diagnosis and monitoring of macular diseases we have the OCT Zeiss, the CIRRUS 5000, the latest system. This technology allows microscope analysis of the retina with a resolution of 3 microns. Any minimum macular change can be detected and treated soon.

Glaucoma: We nowadays use SLT laser for the treatment of glaucoma with no surgery. This treatment allows, in 10 minutes, the reduction of intraocular pressure from 5 to 10 millimeters of mercury, being one of the treatments indicated for the ocular hypertension and glaucoma. Therefore, we try to eliminate the antihypertensive medication, liberating the patient of his medical treatment.

For diagnosis, we use GDX and campimeter Zeiss Humphrey (Zeiss) technology, clues in the analysis of the optic nerve fibers as well as the follow-up of the alterations of the visual field.

In the surgical area we do nonperforating surgery techniques (EPNP) that decreases eye pressure without the need of "open" the eye. One of these techniques consists on using implants in whose development has collaborated Dr. Jose I. Belda.

Plastic surgery: 
Lacrimal system: We have laser technology to carry out the reconstruction of the tear duct, avoiding skin incision in cases of constant watering. This technique allows the unblocking of the tear duct with minimal surgical trauma and faster recovery.

Besides, we perform eyelid plastic and reconstructive surgery and also botox and hyaluronic injections in periocular rejuvenation treatments.

Refractive Surgery: Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be solved using only laser surgery with minimal risk and fast recovery. This requires the evaluation of corneal status, a refraction test using specific surface technology and corneal endothelium. If the patient is eligible he will be informed of surgical options, either with laser or intraocular lens implants in cases of high refractions.

In the treatment of presbyopia (farsightedness) in people over 50 we have multifocal intraocular implants that allow far and near vision without glasses after the surgery. This type of “Premium” implants allows bifocality and multifocality based on the light refraction and diffraction optical properties.

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