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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is how to manage a business that is characterized by considering all the impacts that their activities generate on customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, environment and society in general.

This involves the enforcement of current legislation in the social labor, environmental and human rights field, and any other voluntary action that the company wants to take to improve the quality of life of their employees lifestyle, the communities in which it operates and the society as a whole.

CSR in Oftálica

Oftálica obviously complies with current legislation, but we focus on voluntary actions exceeding those obligations.

In the labor field, it promotes continuous training of its employees and ensures proper working environment, promoting the compatibility of work and family life, and the optimal parameters of environmental quality at work (ergonomics, temperature, luminosity…)

Oftálica promotes the formation of future professionals in the healthcare industry by participating in programs on Businesses Practices with the University of Alicante and Red Cross.

In the social area, Oftálica actively collaborates with charities in order to support those most disadvantaged. Specifically we collaborate locally with:
  • UNICEF, raising funds at specific times of the year to cover social campaigns.
  • NAZARETH ALICANTE, also known as La Ciudad de los Muchachos, collaborating with sending didactic and computer equipment for their social work.
  • IMMACULATE PARISH OF PLA: Collaboration in parish magazine.

Oftálica also works in the sporting and commercial area of the environment:
  • Sponsor Sports Clubs: Handball Club San Juan and Barrio Obrero Football Club.
  • Collaborator in several editions of Medieval Market in Alicante.

Oftálica has collaboration agreements with different associations by applying its usual discounts to different groups as Celiac Association APSA and rates.

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