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What are the Cataracts: Causes and Treatments

CataractsWhat are cataracts?

Cataracts occur when a cloudiness or opacity appears in the lens of the eye (It is clear, transparent and serves to focus), which makes it difficult to properly see . Cataracts usually occur due to ocular aging and in a progressive way.

The only way to treat cataracts is surgery. Cataracts surgery should be done as quickly as possible, as soon as the patient begins to detect a progressive vision reduction. This surgical procedure lasts approximately ten minutes with a very quick recovery.

Cataracts surgery treats other problems associated with this ocular aging, such as myopia, farsightedness or presbyopia.


One of the most frequent symptoms is loss of visual acuity due to ocular aging. The patient who suffers from cataracts, sees blurred by one or both eyes and sees worse in low light conditions, also perceives the colors less clear and faded.


At present, phacoemulsification is the most used and effective method to eliminate cataracts definitively. This intervention consists of the use of ultrasound or laser to dissolve and remove the deteriorated lens, and then replace it with an intraocular lens that performs its function. With this surgery, the view returns to normal.


After the surgery, the patient will enjoy an excellent vision (both near and far, according to the implant that has been used) and will also recover the sharpness of colors and objects.

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