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About us

Dr. Enrique Chipont leads a group of professionals with extensive experience in the treatment of childhood eye diseases.

We have the latest technology for the diagnosis of retinal problems associated with the reduction of infant vision. Besides, we have been doing research on amblyopia and nystagmus for many years, they are part of studies in Directes PhD thesis in coordination with Dr. Raquel Moral, who is part of our strabismus unit.

Oftálica also works in the study of glaucoma. The clinic has the most nationwide specialized ophthalmologists in this disease: Dr. Belda and Dr. Konrad. This department is completed with Dr. Pamy Stolik, encharged of special tests. Furthermore, we have the unique selective laser in the treatment of glaucoma (SLT) which allows in many cases, controling eye strain with no medication.

Quiénes somos

This team has decisively collaborated in the development and research of non-penetrating glaucoma surgery new systems, allowing operation without the need of opening the eye. In this way we manage to reduce widely, the recovery after the surgery and all surgical complications of traditional techniques.

Our retinal Department has one of the most complete technologies for the early detection of retinal diseases as diabetes or macular degeneration. Our new diagnostic systems allows us to explore avoiding pupil dilatation. Dr. Javier Placeres, retina specialist, with extensive experience, uses 360º digital systems and retinal ultrasonic microscopy in Oftálica.

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